Colour for your soul



Her roots lie in the Finnish countryside, where her creative work and picture making was part of her everyday life from an early age. She sold her pastels already at age 9 and as a teenager, dozens of her ink paintings.

Due to studying economics and then many years in the business world, her painting skills lay dormant, until she later combined the two worlds by designing and painting originals for commercial use.

But years ago she turned around and has since then dedicated herself to painting only, while now residing in Sweden. From the experiences and travelling in different parts of the world she takes even more strength to her expression in a vital colouristic style.

The joy of colour is assuredly one of the great features of her works. “The colours give happiness, the happiness is like the light and the light embraces all colour.”

The pleasure of experiencing Anneli’s art is truly widespread. Her paintings can be found in a multiple of countries, such as Finland, Germany, Austria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Spain and Sweden.

Welcome to the artistic world of Anneli.